The Tristan Da Cunha Project

A few years ago I visited Tristan Da Cunha which is considered to be the most remote inhabited island on earth. This tiny volcanic island in the middle of the South Atlantic is home to just under 300 people who live in a village called Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas. Tristan is a unique and special place but both the architecture and the way of life have echoes with remote Scottish crofting communities – perhaps a result of the influence of the first settler William Glass of Kelso, Scotland.

I shot some research footage while there which we cut into a short film of personal impressions and screened at SXSW with a live score by members of Shearwater We recorded this and put it on the cut. I hope to return the edit sometime to re-explore the material, but this is the current version with the music attached.

There is a plan to return to Tristan to make a dramatic film. This hasn’t happened yet because of the logistical challenges of its extreme remoteness and me being distracted by other projects.